Five Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Greece

Greece, the land of sumptuous olive groves, ancient civilisations and relaxed beach life, is made up of thousands of islands grouped into families with their individual traditions, culture, and landscape.

Our Five Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Greece

1. Perfect Charter Conditions
Greece has long been a haven for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. The consistent trade winds, all year round sunshine and warm temperatures present optimal conditions for a yacht charter. In addition, the easy navigation and close proximity of all the islands makes for a great charter holiday. Both novice and experienced sailors will find something to suit them; with milder winds and safer bays in the Saronic Gulf, Sporades Islands and Ionian Sea for those less confident, and then stronger winds in the Aegean Sea to give a nice challenge for the pro’s!

2. Captivating Coastline
Greece boasts over 3,700km of impressive coastline, making it the eleventh longest in the world. This provides endless options for charterers to explore, and we have plenty of experience in picking the perfect charter itinerary to suit your needs. There are thousands of islands to explore, each with a unique charm, so a sailing holiday in Greece will not disappoint!

3. Extraordinary Heritage
The rich history of Greece is one of its major attractions, with awe-inspiring ruins all over the country, a yacht charter here will give you the opportunity to explore these globally-important cultural treasures.

4. Award-Winning Beaches
As of 2017, Greece ranks second in the world for Blue Flag quality, with 486 beaches and 12 marinas being honoured with such recognition for their cleanliness, water quality and environmental management. There are too many incredible beaches scattered all over Greece to name them all, but there are a bunch which are only accessible by boat, so if you really want to explore this stunning archipelago, a yacht charter is certainly the way forward! Imagine: white cliffs, white pebbles, white sand, and translucent aqua waters… it’s a place of dreams, so make sure you get the chance to visit, you will not regret it! For the couples, ‘Canal d’Amour’ is your spot; tradition states that any couple who swims through the narrow canal together is destined to marry. The hidden coves and stunning rock formations make it a charming and utterly unique spot, so from our Corfu yacht charter base, let this be your first stop!

5. Flavours of Greece
Greek cuisine blends traditional Mediterranean flavours with unique local ingredients to create distinctive dishes which are imitated and celebrated worldwide. Whether eating on board your boat, or venturing onshore to dine in local restaurants, you’re in for a treat! Be sure to try the quintessentially Greek ‘Baklava’, a sweet dessert made from phyllo pastry drenched in syrup, and accompany it with an ‘Ellinikos’ coffee, served in a traditional copper coffee pot and feel like a local.

Getting to your yacht charter

Corfu is well connected. You can easily fly directly to the island from major European airports. Getting to your yacht charter in Corfu is simple and practical thanks to the easily accessible airport. Private transfers from the airport to your boat can be organised as well.

Interested in Chartering Windweaver?

A yacht charter on Windweaver will be a sailing holiday you won’t forget! In fact we have guests coming back on charter regularly. You can check out our charter rates online or contact us today for more information.