Family Sailing Holidays | Your Dose Of Vitamin-Sea

Did you know that the sea is scientifically good for your health?! What could be better? Family sailing holidays with a dose of “Vitamin Sea”. Sea air is good for sleep because it is cleaner, fresher and filled with negative hydrogen ions which allow us to absorb higher levels of oxygen. In addition, the sounds of the ocean are soothing to the brain. If you relax stress levels lower and in turn strengthens your immune system.

UK Family Sailing Holidays

Not only is the sea air good for you but chartering a yacht is an excellent option for family sailing holidays – giving everyone a chance to be involved in the working and running of a boat. Of course, there’s also the chance to relax knowing that a crewed yacht charter means you can be looked after by the finest sailors.

Family Sailing Holidays Windweaver Destinations

Sailing round the British Isles is a great opportunity to connect with nature and explore the incredibly diverse environment that this hugely historic country has to offer. Education and bonding are a natural part and parcel of any family sailing holiday. The constant changing scenery means that there is always something new to look and explore. Whilst the Stand Up Paddleboards and other watersports equipment onboard Windweaver mean that when you find a lovely sheltered bay the whole family (with our instructor crew member) can jump off the boat and explore for themselves.

Family Sailing Holiday Stand Up Paddle Boarding

In addition, another excellent reason to charter a yacht and sail in the UK is the avoidance of having to get everyone on a plane, issues with Covid Travel Corridors, isolation etc. Windweaver starts and finishes in the UK meaning that you can avoid all of the stress and simply walk on to your own luxury, crewed yacht.

Just in case you needed an excuse to book a sea-based holiday next Summer!

Interested in a family sailing holiday?

Windweaver is now taking provisional bookings. You can come onboard from one of our charter bases in the Solent: Southampton, Lymington or Weymouth.

Get in touch and plan a perfect family sailing holiday with our Yachtmaster Skipper.