A Honeymoon Yacht Charter in the Greek Islands

Choosing a luxury honeymoon yacht charter is perhaps the most romantic experience for a newly wed couple. Cruise to secluded bays and walk hand in hand on deserted beaches. Dine in candlelit seaside restaurants and visit a new romantic destination every day.

Romantic Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Your first important voyage together is best on a yacht! You will be able to relax, swim, sightsee and sail away into the gorgeous sunset while being pampered by an attentive crew. They will make sure you have everything you need and also all the privacy you need for this most special of sailing holidays!

Corfu Yacht Charter Windweaver

Corfu Yacht Charter… Sun-drenched Ionian Paradise

Each Ionian Island offers panoramic views from high mountain peaks, sheltered bays and sandy beaches ideal for diving and snorkelling, delicious traditional food and drink and ancient history spanning the very earliest western civilisations. Meanwhile, north from Corfu is Albania and another distinct, varied coastline to explore.

canal damour yacht charter in corfu

The Ionian has a wonderful Mediterranean climate with beautiful warm summers and Corfu allows for a longer sailing season spanning over March – October. The close proximity of each of the islands means that land is always likely to be in your sights. There are many bays and coves dotted around the beautiful coastline. Perfect to explore before you moor up or drop anchor for the evening. The Ionian promises safe and calm seas. Whilst you’ll enjoy some fantastic sailing, the experience will also be relaxing and tranquil.

Creating Lifelong Romantic Memories

Even the finest exotic villas and luxury properties don’t hold a candle to the privacy, personal service and endless possibilities of your own private floating resort. A private honeymoon yacht charter promises to create the most memorable romance moments you’ll want to relive every anniversary.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Food

You’ll enjoy tranquil and secluded bays and beaches for the times when you want to be alone. Alternatively, find an active and vibrant atmosphere when visiting cosmopolitan towns, restaurants and tavernas. Sail, snorkel, scuba dive, paddleboard or explore ashore, relax on deck or swim in the warm crystal clear waters.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Cove

Interested in Chartering Windweaver for Your Honeymoon?

A honeymoon yacht charter on Windweaver of Pennington will be a sailing holiday you won’t forget! You can check out our charter rates online or contact us today for more information and to start planning that romantic honeymoon of a lifetime.