Luxury Yacht Charter Greece

If you are thinking about a luxury yacht charter Greece has a huge amount to offer! Discover a culmination of hundreds of islands, each with its own unique flavour. Greece is a feast of culture, cuisine and cruising experiences. Don’t just read the stunning images in the brochures, experience them for yourself! Seeing the Greek Islands by luxury charter yacht allows you to hop between the islands discovering fabulous diversity at every tack.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece

Think rustic villages, brilliant white houses adorned in bright blue clinging to sheer cliffs. Intimate Islands covered in olive groves and ancient ruins. There’s sophisticated resorts where the highest standards of food and wine to traditional tavernas where the Ouzo and Retsina flow. So, from Corfu in the northern Ionian to Santorini in the southern Cyclades, there are so many reasons to visit the islands by yacht.

Greek History

For over fifty centuries, the Greek islands have been the crossroads between North Africa, Asia Minor and Europe. Some of the oldest and the most impressive European civilisations have either called the Greek islands home. Or fought to call them home! The ancient Minoans, Egyptians, Romans and Greek civilisations have all left their mark on these beautiful islands.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Cove

Greece is home to more than 100 amazing archaeological sites. From the major sites such as the sacred ruins of Delos to the quieter, remains spread across the islands, you will get the chance to step back in time when you step ashore from your luxury charter yacht. Greek ruins are as impressive as they are numerous. Almost as numerous as the fabulous tavernas that line the quiet quays you could moor up to.

Beautiful Beaches

Greece is not just about history. It is well known as a sailing holiday destination with deep blue seas and beautiful beaches lining the coasts of these stunning islands. We’ve all seen the photos: the aqua blue-green waters gently lapping golden sand or impressive volcanic rock formations. With the eleventh longest coastline in the world there are countless superb, gorgeous beaches for your luxury yacht to anchor off.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Beaches

Greek beaches are plentiful and range from the powder-soft sand that you can sink your toes in to those offering jaw-dropping wave-sculpted rock. Greece is also renowned for the quality of its beaches with some of Europe’s cleanest beaches and an impressive list of those that are consistently awarded the international Blue Flag for eco-quality.

Greek Food

As your luxury yacht charter takes you on your island hopping adventure you will discover that you could eat something different every day. Of course there is the freshest seafood everywhere. On many islands, you’ll encounter the Italian heritage of pasta with a Greek influence, like rich sauces with mussels steamed in ouzo. On others, the Ottoman legacy can be seen in the spiced sweets and pastries.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Food

Greek people are passionate about food and very proud of their culinary traditions. Food preparation, then celebrating with food is a social experience for family, friends and visitors. From fresh seafood to expertly barbecued meats, salads and vegetable options. Not forgetting appetisers known as meze, special occasion delicacies and desserts to die for! There are thousands of recipes, regional variations and family recipes passed down through the generations. All based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, plenty of seasoning and olive oil waiting to be devoured.

The Climate

The Greek islands enjoy a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. Everywhere the summers are hot and dry with brilliant “wall-to-wall” blue clear skies. With long summer sunshine hours and very little rainfall this is the perfect climate for a successful summer luxury yacht charter.

Greece is quite a diverse country and there are regional differences. Most noticeable is the presence of the Meltemi, a summer wind which blows up to gale force at times during July and August in the Aegean home to the Cyclades. Fortunately at this time of year the Ionian still offers wonderful cruising with protected bays and calm passages.

Greece is a country spread over hundreds of islands. Some of them are celebrated for their natural beauty and beaches, while others have a pumped-up party scene or strong cultural traditions. Whatever you interests you can easily spend many weeks island hopping on your luxury charter yacht.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece

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