Why Choose a Crewed Yacht Charter?

Discover the benefits of a crewed yacht charter. Take the opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy special times with friends and family on a luxury sailing holiday. Be pampered by a personal and professional crew onboard your own private charter yacht for a week (or two!).

A sailing holiday planned uniquely for you

With our expert advice, you’ll have the ability to set your own pace. Allow us to create your own itinerary to suit your requirements, making your sailing holiday unique. There’s no waiting in queues, no eating on a schedule and you don’t have to share your space with thousands of strangers. This will be your yacht, your time, and your space to do with as you please.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Beaches

Imagine, magnificent new scenery each and every day rather than looking at the same vista from a hotel room or villa. A yacht charter is fit for any occasion, a family sailing adventure, a romantic honeymoon escape, or watersports from your own yacht anchored in a secluded bay. You’ll find a crewed yacht charter to be a great alternative to a ‘traditional’ holiday.

Why Charter a yacht?

We often get asked, why charter a yacht? Our team are happy to discuss how special and unique these holidays are. Especially on board a classic sailing yacht as special as Windweaver.

Service Tailored to Your Needs

Your professional crew will take care of all the details so you can relax. You’ll fill out a preference sheet before you leave and your personal chef will plan each meal based on your specific requests. Your captain is also your personal guide to your chosen destination and knows where to find the most secluded beaches, the quietest anchorages, or the liveliest evening entertainment.

Your Choice of Activities

On board Windweaver there is a myriad of water sports and activities on offer. A jet RIB, stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling, waterskiing & fishing equipment are just a few of the “toys” you you’ll find at your disposal. Just tell our team what sort of interests you have and we’ll do our best to make sure we have them on your charter holiday. The Captain and crew are well versed in operating the equipment onboard and can offer instruction on many levels.

yacht charter in corfu 2The Perfect Climate

Greece has long been a haven for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. The consistent trade winds, all year round sunshine and warm temperatures present optimal conditions for a yacht charter. In addition, the easy navigation and close proximity of all the islands makes for a great charter holiday. Here’s our earlier post on Sun Drenched Ionian cruising.

Choose the Ideal Charter Yacht

There are many types of yachts for charter in Greece to choose from. On board Windweaver you’ll find the ultimate in classic yacht charter. She combines classical grace and elegance, is powerful, very forgiving at sea and ideal for exploring the Ionian Sea. She is the perfect option for a small group or a larger family. Windweaver will be enjoyed by the purist yachtsman as much as by those simply wishing for a sailing holiday to escape from the stresses of modern life.

family yacht holiday greece

Ready to Arrange Your Crewed Yacht Charter?

We are ready to help! Get in touch with us now to start discussing your sailing holiday in the Mediterranean. Planning a group holiday? We can help you explain to them why a charter on board Windweaver is so unique. Still need more convincing? Here’s our earlier post on Five reasons to charter a yacht in Greece.

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