Five Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Greece

Greece, the land of sumptuous olive groves, ancient civilisations and relaxed beach life, is made up of thousands of islands grouped into families with their individual traditions, culture, and landscape. Our Five Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Greece 1. Perfect Charter Conditions Greece has long been a haven for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. The consistent trade winds, all year round sunshine and warm temperatures present optimal conditions for a yacht charter. In addition, the easy navigation and close proximity of all the islands makes for a great charter holiday. Both novice and experienced sailors will find something to suit them; with milder winds and safer bays in the Saronic Gulf, Sporades Islands and Ionian Sea for those less confident, and then stronger winds in the Aegean Sea to give a nice challenge for the pro’s! 2. Captivating Coastline … Continue reading

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Luxury Yacht Charter Greece

If you are thinking about a luxury yacht charter Greece has a huge amount to offer! Discover a culmination of hundreds of islands, each with its own unique flavour. Greece is a feast of culture, cuisine and cruising experiences. Don’t just read the stunning images in the brochures, experience them for yourself! Seeing the Greek Islands by luxury charter yacht allows you to hop between the islands discovering fabulous diversity at every tack. Think rustic villages, brilliant white houses adorned in bright blue clinging to sheer cliffs. Intimate Islands covered in olive groves and ancient ruins. There’s sophisticated resorts where the highest standards of food and wine to traditional tavernas where the Ouzo and Retsina flow. So, from Corfu in the northern Ionian to Santorini in the southern Cyclades, there are so many reasons to visit the islands by yacht. … Continue reading

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Family Sailing Holidays | Your Dose Of Vitamin-Sea

Did you know that the sea is scientifically good for your health?! What could be better? Family sailing holidays with a dose of “Vitamin Sea”. Sea air is good for sleep because it is cleaner, fresher and filled with negative hydrogen ions which allow us to absorb higher levels of oxygen. In addition, the sounds of the ocean are soothing to the brain. If you relax stress levels lower and in turn strengthens your immune system. UK Family Sailing Holidays Not only is the sea air good for you but chartering a yacht is an excellent option for family sailing holidays – giving everyone a chance to be involved in the working and running of a boat. Of course, there’s also the chance to relax knowing that a crewed yacht charter means you can be looked after by the finest … Continue reading

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Why The British Isles Are Best For Private Yacht Charter

There are a number of reasons why the British Isles are the best for private yacht charter in Europe. To begin with, the UK has one of the longest history’s in the world for sailing. This heritage is clear to see around the coastline, none more-so than in the Solent, our primary yacht charter base. The sea not only physically shapes our country but being on an island has naturally given us a sense of adventure. With 12,429 km of coastline it exceeds that of even India and Brazil! Viewing these kilometres of coastline is often said to be best done from the sea. The reason for our extensive coastline is that it is made up of coves, bays, fishing towns and islands creating wriggling lines and secluded spots. Some of these are only accessible by yacht. With 136 uninhabited … Continue reading

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Classic Yacht Charter | Sailing holidays with Grace and Elegance

A classic yacht charter delivers a unique experience for sailing purists and novice sailors alike. Classic yachts available for charter combine grace and elegance often with the latest technical innovation. When you charter Windweaver of Pennington you’ll get this in abundance. Step on board one of the largest sailing yachts available to charter on the South Coast. Classic yachts generally have larger sail areas giving maximum power under sail, letting you feel the timeless thrill of slicing through the seas to get to your destination. Some might say they are a lesson in the history of sailing. Sailing on board Windweaver, you’ll discover a classic yacht, lovingly cared for by her owners and crew. Despite her age you’ll find all the modern amenities providing a comfortable and most memorable sailing holiday. As with many classic yachts, advanced navigation systems, entertainment … Continue reading

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Why Choose a Crewed Yacht Charter?

Discover the benefits of a crewed yacht charter. Take the opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy special times with friends and family on a luxury sailing holiday. Be pampered by a personal and professional crew onboard your own private charter yacht for a week (or two!). A sailing holiday planned uniquely for you With our expert advice, you’ll have the ability to set your own pace. Allow us to create your own itinerary to suit your requirements, making your sailing holiday unique. There’s no waiting in queues, no eating on a schedule and you don’t have to share your space with thousands of strangers. This will be your yacht, your time, and your space to do with as you please. Imagine, magnificent new scenery each and every day rather than looking at the same vista from a hotel room or … Continue reading

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A Family Sailing Adventure in the UK

Thinking of doing something adventurous, thrilling and fun for all the family? A holiday with a difference? A family sailing adventure on the luxurious Windweaver of Pennington is the answer to your next dream holiday. Imagine island hopping in the Isles of Scilly. Cruising through crystal clear waters, snorkelling, swimming and exploring the many coves. After a day exploring, sit back on deck, drink in hand, whilst your fresh food is being prepared, as the sunsets below the horizon.   Creating Magical Memories Discover a holiday that offers something for all the family. Sailing together creates magical memories as you learn the ropes of sailing under the guidance of our knowledgeable crew. As little or as much sailing as you want to do, you’ll have peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Let us take the helm whilst … Continue reading

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Luxury Small Group Yacht Charter

Imagine sailing around the stunning waters of The Solent, or island hopping The Scillies aboard your own private yacht while enjoying all the services and comforts of a small, intimate hotel. Wake up onboard your yacht anchored in a quiet cove. Take an early dip and over breakfast consider the options, a windsurfing lesson, snorkelling round the shoreline or a trip ashore to explore. A luxury small group yacht charter is likely to be the most memorable holiday you will take. Good Times Are Better Shared Gather your friends and climb aboard the beautiful Windweaver of Pennington bound for good times. Learn to sail together or explore the oceans with good friends, discovering new destinations and sharing experiences along the way. This is the ultimate in luxury group yacht charter adventures. With a skipper as your guide, your group will … Continue reading

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