Sample Charter Itineraries

There are a number of reasons why the British Isles are the best for private yacht charter in Europe. Our extensive coastline is made up of coves, bays, fishing towns and islands creating wriggling lines and secluded spots. Some of these are only accessible by yacht. With 136 uninhabited islands you’d be forgiven for thinking we were talking about the South Pacific but Britain has endless amounts to explore for any sailor.

Your skipper and crew are on board to give you the best yacht charter experience possible. Charters on board Windweaver will last 8 days or more – We’ll take you to those special places, bays away from the crowds or to a picturesque marina. As qualified sailing Instructors, we can teach you as much or as little as you want. You can be hands on sailing the yacht or if sitting back on deck relaxing is what you’re after, that’s what you’ll get. Simply let us know what you want from your perfect sailing yacht charter.

Yacht Charter Holiday Itineraries

The South Coast

A private yacht charter to explore the British coastline is enchanting. Starting in the Solent and sailing down the Jurassic coast to Cornwall – the birth place of legendary King Arthur.

The Isles of Scilly

Discover the warm southern Isles of Scilly, a favourite for British staycation-ers, there are untouched Islands, golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, something for everyone.

The Channel Islands

Sail to the yellow sands and clear waters of the Channel Islands to experience a combination of British and French culture.


Looking for crisp air and untouched coastline – the beautiful deep waters of Scotland team with fish and there are beaches to rival the Mediterranean (although possibly not as warm!). Sail past the isles of Mull and Skye and absorb the dramatic landscapes and beautiful wildlife including cute puffins and majestic eagles.

UK Sailing Holiday Timings

All itineraries start from 8 days and can vary dependant on your bespoke sailing holiday itinerary. Get in touch today to discuss your next UK sailing adventure.

Note: Whilst we will endeavour to provide you with the charter of your choice – sailing is dependant on natural forces beyond our control such as winds and tides. Should your first choice not be achievable on the day we will provide you with an alternative. We will ensure that your alternative charter is of equal time and value to your original selection. Please be aware that if your first choice is not possible on the day we will not issue a refund but an alternative charter option.