Adventure Sailing

Explore in a completely new way

At Windweaver we are passionate sailors with over 25 years of experience, the highest sea faring qualifications the yachting industry has to offer, and a love of the ocean.

Having sailed all around the world there is one thing we know – the beauty and diversity of British Isles is as spectacular as anywhere. From rolling seas to calm bays; mountains to undulating fields; and brutish rock formations to white sands and crystal seas.

Adventure and curiosity is at the heart of all sailors, which is why we are so excited to offer our Adventure Sailing Charters. Completely focused around your desires and British Isles bucket list. Sailing, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking are all available to you on your luxury skippered charter. Or, simply relax, drink fine wines, and eat beautifully prepared meals by your private chef as you sail past stunning British vistas.

Here in the UK we have it all.

Get inspired for your charter

Our charters are designed to accommodate all levels of experience; from those who have never stepped aboard a boat to the advanced sailor.

The charters are fully crewed with a Skipper, Deckhand, and Chef so that you can be as involved as you like or simply relax drinking in the magnificent views as we journey to your next hiking, paddle-boarding, or exquisite cuisine stop. Watch whales and dolphins, climb peaks on uninhabited islands, and swim in pristine waters.

A perfect adventure for a group of friends, or for family looking to explore together. We take care of all the logistics. You just have to turn up and board the boat.

Example 8 Day Itinerary

  • Board Windweaver in Southampton and enjoy your first evening with a freshly prepared meal cooked by your chef as you start to travel down the Jurassic Coast.
  • Sail down the coast to Falmouth and enjoy a night of Cornish fare. Explore the coastline and surf in the beautiful bays.
  • Travel on to the pristine Isles of Scilly with white sands, crystal clear waters and the perfect swimming and paddle boarding conditions.
  • Head north up to the coast of Wales, keeping an eye for whales and dolphins. Hike in the rugged beauty of the Welsh Pembrokeshire National Park.
  • Sail to Skomer Island to watch the majestic Puffins fishing in their natural habitat.
  • Start heading back south and stop at the beautiful St Ives, which has inspired artists for generations.
  • Round the coast back into the Channel and visit the stunning bay of Salcombe for an evening of British seafood and stop in at the local pubs, some of which have been there for centuries.
  • Arrive back in Southampton and the conclusion of your 8 day trip on your luxury Superyacht charter.

All itineraries are developed uniquely to your dream holiday. We can incorporate the Channel Islands and any coastal stops on your route. Longer charters of 15 days can also include Scotland, Isle of Man, and Ireland.